Android Email Setup


The following screenshots will assist you with setting up your mailbox on your Android device using POP.

1. Select Settings from the home screen.

2. Select Accounts

3. Select Add Account, then select Email type

4. Enter the email address and password, then select Manual Setup

5. Select POP3 ACCOUNT

6. Fill in your Email address, username, and password. In most cases, the username will be the same as the address.

7. Under the Incoming server section, enter the following

  • For POP3 Server, enter
  • For Security type, select SSL
  • For Port, enter 995
  • For Delete email from server, select Never

8. Under the Outgoing server section, enter the following

  • For SMTP server, enter the same thing as POP3 server n the incoming section.
  • For Security type, select SSL
  • For Port, enter 465
  • Ensure the checkbox for Authentication required before sending emails is checked
  • Enter your username and password (same information as step 6)

9. Select NEXT

10. Verify the Sync schedule is set to 15 minutes and that the checkbox Notify me when email arrives is checked. Select NEXT

11. Verify the account name is as you would like it to appear in your account list (your email address is generally the best choice) and that Your name (for outgoing mail) contains your name as you would like to appear on messages you send from the device.

12. Click DONE to finish.